Save Money with fleet OnlineFleet Online presents a more efficient way to Manage Fleet, and by doing so, delivers ROI benefits from the word go. Make savings for your company and the environment with one smart investment.

Damage and Variable Cost Control

How much rubber are you burning unnecessarily? How much stock and equipment are damaged because of misuse of equipment? There is a clear line of demarcation between operators getting the job done, and operators going overboard. Fleet Online cuts costs by both allowing you to set tighter controls on your equipment use and identify misuse. Preventing just one unscheduled service of your equipment per year will save upwards of $250 – not including the cost of downtime.

PM Servicing

Through ‘just-in-time’ servicing of your equipment you will save on inadvertent over servicing. Normally, preventative maintenance is based on a 'best guess' or on a routine time period. And more often than not – it is based on a 'highest use' scenario. However equipment duty is not always 'even'. 'Best guesses' don't compare to the daily accuracy of Fleet Online. Preventing just one unnecessary PM service a year will save you at least $125 per vehicle.

Compliance Management

Before Fleet Online – few companies had the time to actually process the data in their compliance logbooks, or ensure they were up to date and complete.
With Fleet Online – companies get to use the valuable information compliance logbooks can give you. For example, an OSHA checklist gives you a daily condition report on each of your industrial assets.
Also – Fleet Online can allow companies to respond to their risks. Compliance management isn't just about doing things by the book – it is about risk mitigation – and if your business can take it seriously it will deliver serious results. Common benefits of compliance management are reductions in lost time injuries, excess wear and tear, equipment and stock damage, and equipment downtime. Most companies can't begin to manage these issues because they just don't have access to the metrics – or the ability to implement controls when necessary. Out sourcing your vehicle compliance will cost you at least $500 per vehicle per year.
Fleet Online delivers the information and the solutions with out the management overhead.
Annual Cost Saving
PM Servicing $125
Damage and Variable Cost Control $250
Minimize Fuel Consumption and or Idle Time $350
Compliance Management $500
Annual Savings $1225

Minimize Fuel Consumption and/or Idle Time

However you measure it, idling equipment costs money. Whether it is through gas consumption, inefficient use of an asset or through excess equipment, Fleet Online will get immediate savings in this area.
On average 30% of the operating time of your equipment is 'idle time'? On a 2 shift a day business – 'idle time' costs your business in many ways – not to mention fuel consumption. By reducing idle time by just 3 minutes per operating session of equipment, a two shift per day business can save itself more than $30 per month in fuel costs, or about $350 a year per vehicle. Forget about asking your operators to turn off equipment left running, Fleet Online will do it for you.