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Safety is a mindset and for companies that are serious about safety, Speedshield is right for you. Speedshield helps change operator behavior so that the entire working environment is safer.

Speedshield ensures that prestart (OSHA) checklists must be filled out at the vehicle and are required to gain access to the vehicle, only authorized trained users can operate the vehicle, seat belts are monitored and are required, and speed is monitored with overspeed alerts.
Through automatic alerts and reports, Fleet Online allows your Company to manage its Risks, Operating Safety and OSHA requirements – top down.

• Are your Operators speeding?

• Do they wear seat belts?

• Is your equipment overloaded or misused?

• Is operator training up to date?

Get the reports that you need at any level in your Company – Corporation, Division, Site or Department. Every vehicle in your company's fleet operating on Fleet Online is visible to the top corporate account holder. Allocate visibility to Division and Site mangers who manage the equipment. Empower your staff to cut costs and increase safety. From the CEO down – Fleet Online gives instant and accurate visibility over your operations.

How can Speedshield positively impact the company bottom line?

• By reducing accidents involving mobile equipment.

 —What is the average cost of repairs, insurance and lost time of the last 10 avoidable accidents? These can be avoided.

• By reducing asset damage

 —What are the costs of equipment repairs, facility repairs and product damage occurred in the past year?

• By maintaining compliance data

 — What would an OSHA audit cost and would your company be prepared?